printing big, fat coasters on a cylinder press

Sometimes you have the right tools for the job. And sometimes you don't quite have the right tools for the job but you rig it up and figure it out and make it work. Such was the case with printing coasters on a cylinder press. I know they are better printed on a platen press, but lacking such a press, and having offered to print said coasters as a Kickstarter thank you for Yuval's SeXcurity play, I figured it out. 

The coasters were a little stiff going around the press, so I grabbed the clothes steamer my mom gave me for the holidays (thanks, Mom!) and steamed the coasters before printing them. If I did it again I would build a steam box, because walking small batches of coasters from the studio entrance where I rigged up the steamer to the press over and over (and over—we're talking a big batch of coasters here) was kind of a workout, but overall I was really happy with the results. Shipping these babies off to New York!