field notes

In her book Wanderlust: A History of Walking, Rebecca Solnit writes about how the pace walking mirrors the pace of the mind (which she calls "the mind at three miles an hour"): "Walking shares with making and working that crucial element of engagement of the body and the mind with the world, of knowing the world through the body and the body through the world."

I feel that way about printing, often. The bodily act of hand-setting type, mixing ink, hand-cranking the press, and pulling each individual print connects mind, body, paper, ink, machine, and design, resulting in an artifact that has a relationship to the bodily act of creating it, and a connection to the history of printing in a pre-digital world. 

Hand pulled and hand-bound, these little notebooks are for note-taking on the road, for capturing those thoughts that occur to you on a stroll to somewhere else, for catching the ephemeral engagement of body and mind in the field of the world. Available here.